We provide consultancies that transcend the acquisition of isolated pieces, since these decisions involve other types of interests (thematically and investment-wise). A Zambrano Ortega Contemporary assessment project commences with knowing the story behind each one of our clients. We help them acquire pieces that not only have potential to acquire monetary and artistic value by themselves, but actually enrich the collection as a whole.

When an artist’s production has defined thematic axes, it is prone to growth, both in his/her artistic proposal and in its commercial value. The same happens with collections. The greatest potential lies in building a collection that adds value to each piece just by belonging to it.

For optimal results, we turn to market position metrics – for each suggested artwork – as well as to an evaluation of its recognition and relevance from a curatorial perspective, keeping in mind that the acquisition for private settings will probably accompany families for generations, becoming a valuable heritage.

Line of action - Process:

  1. We gather with our clients to know interests, tastes and themes that define them. At the same time, we review the spaces that will be eventually displaying the art pieces.

  2. We thoroughly investigate the existing pieces in their collection, as well as the artists that produced them. Later, we identify recurring elements to trace a line of interest. If our client has just begun a collection, we focus on meticulously developing a strategy that fits their interests and needs. On the other hand, if there’s an already existing collection, we focus on providing elements that will enrich and make it a more solid collection.

  3. After having realized this research, we analyze the work of different artists and move on to design the proposal. This is perhaps the most important stage of the Zambrano Ortega Contemporary consultancy, since we put our experience and knowledge in practice to propose the best options from a perspective of historical or artistic legitimation as well as investment potential.

  4. When applicable, we present a series of visual renderings to the client for each piece according to its corresponding space. Feedback is fundamental for this stage, so that -in a few steps- we can choose together the ideal new acquisitions.



Our consultancies provide a broad framework on the importance of the works of art that we suggest to each collector. Beyond just focusing on recommending the acquisition of the piece itself, we convey the way they are inserted into the history of art and the reasons why they have become relevant. This way, young and / or experienced collectors will obtain an informed vision of what they are acquiring.


Throughout our years of experience, we have built a solid network that enables us to establish direct negotiations with the most prestigious galleries around the world, as well as auction houses and high-level representatives in the art market in general. This allows us to bring our clients into direct contact with artists or galleries, VIP access to renowned art fairs, studio visits, etc.


We coordinate the shipping and handling of works from their place of origin until they are installed at their final destination. This also includes verifying aspects as lighting design, as well as determining the correct conditions for conservation for each specific piece.


We catalogue existing collections, organizing all information and documents related to each piece: certificates of authenticity, photographic documentation, press and media about the artworks or artists included in the collection, as well as any contact with expert appraisers, restorers and specialized insurance agents.