We thoroughly understand the reasons for corporate collecting. The works of art displayed at offices, as well as the various areas of corporate buildings, not only portray an image of status, knowledge or up-to-dateness, but also fulfill the mission of investing in safer and liquid assets. However, so we can comply with the investment function of a collection, we must observe the market’s response to the various artists being considered, either for new acquisitions or to sell pre-existing artworks in the collection.

When working with companies that support the arts scene and cultural manifestations in general, our recommendations aim to generate significant collections, always complying with important aspects such as social commitment, without neglecting a possible investment potential.

Line of action- Process:

  1. We gather with our clients to know interests, tastes and themes that define them. At the same time, we review the spaces that will be eventually displaying the art pieces.

  2. We investigate thoroughly the existing pieces in their collection, as well as the artists that produced them. Later, we identify recurring elements to trace a line of interest. If our client has just begun a collection, we focus on meticulously developing a strategy that fits their interests. On the other hand, if there’s a collection existing already, we focus on providing elements that will enrich and make it a more solid collection.

  3. Starting from this research, we analyze the work of different artists and from there we design a proposal. This is perhaps the most important stage of the Zambrano Ortega Contemporary consultancy, since we put in practice our experience and knowledge to propose the best options, from a perspective of historical legitimation as well as investment potential.

  4. We present to the client a series of renders for each piece with its corresponding space. Feedback is fundamental for this stage, so that in a few steps, we get to choose the ideal piece.



Our consultancies provide a wide vision concerning the importance and relevance of each piece suggested for business companies and corporate offices. Beyond focusing on recommendations for buying isolated artworks, our fundamental interest is to convey the context through which they were made, as well as the main reasons that made them become relevant. In this way, the patrimonial estate will be built from a solid and informed vision.

Site Specific:

We fully coordinate and overlook all types of on-site sculptural projects, pictorial murals and large-scale installations for offices and corporate buildings. We always procure that these special projects harmoniously unify the spaces they inhabit, as well as publicly manifest the specific profile and presence of the company, covering a wide range from sobriety and elegance to more risky and experimental proposals.


Throughout our years of experience, we have built a solid network that enables us to establish direct negotiations with the most prestigious galleries around the world, as well as auction houses and high-level representatives in the art market in general. This allows us to bring our clients into direct contact with artists or galleries, VIP access to renowned art fairs, studio visits, etc. Likewise, we can actively represent

company executives at auctions to bid on the artworks of their interest.


We coordinate the shipping and handling of works from their place of origin until they are installed at their final destination. This also includes verifying aspects as lighting design, as well as determining the correct conditions for conservation for each specific piece.

For those companies that already have a relevant collection with a focus on determined themes and/or specific art history periods, we offer entailment (offer to establish connections) with museums, curators and legitimation spaces for the adjunction of pieces in exhibitions, catalogues and all kinds of institutional legitimations that may further strengthen the artistic value of the pieces.

Our participation can consist in several levels, starting from the entailment to the complete development of curatorial projects.

Is of utmost importance that for collections with a heritage value (owned by companies and corporations) to be enrolled into cultural programs displaying pieces open to the public, meeting this way, its social commitment. Besides, this type of strategies increase exponentially the economic value of collections.


We organize the information related to each piece; cataloging the existing collections, starting from the certificates of authenticity, photographic documentation, compilation of newspaper and material media of the works of the artist and the artist itself, as well as the direct contact with appraisers, restorers and specialized insurance agents.