(Mexico, 197x) is a photographer who has focused most of her artistic career to inquire about the way some people, places, and objects are able to evade time and remain unchanged for years and even centuries. Each one of her series combines different elements and covers them with a layer of "pigments" in an effort to convey the feeling of eternity – a concept intrinsically linked to the beliefs of ancestral cultures from Mexico. Marroquin’s deep respect for nature and her passion for philanthropy has taken her on countless trips. She is a curious woman of risky character, always in search of undiscovered places and new cultures, where she finds inspiration.


Roberta has exhibited in prestigious places like ICP NY; the Arsenal of Venice in Italy; and the Mona Bismarck Foundation in Paris. Among other things, Roberta has been recognized as a finalist for the 2016 FEMSA Biennale in Mexico; collaborated in world wide philanthropic photographic projects with Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) and En Classe, and has been awarded the gold medal Photographica Gallery in San Francisco among others. She is a Board Member at Large Baxter Street Camera Club of New York. She lives and works in New York City. 

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