As art advisors we take care of reviewing the relevance and historical potential, as well as the investment value, within the broad spectrum of art production nowadays. Furthermore, we represent a select group of international artists with an outstanding career, whom we share our vision with.

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We advise different collection profiles

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We provide consultancies that transcend the acquisition of isolated pieces, since these decisions involve other types of interests (thematically and investment-wise). A Zambrano Ortega Contemporary assessment project commences with knowing the story behind each one of our clients. We help them acquire pieces that not only have potential to acquire monetary and artistic value by themselves, but actually enrich the collection as a whole...



We thoroughly understand the reasons for corporate collecting. The works of art displayed at offices, as well as the various areas of corporate buildings, not only portray an image of status, knowledge or up-to-dateness, but also fulfill the mission of investing in safer and liquid assets. However, so we can comply with the investment function of a collection, we must observe the market’s response...

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The acquisition of new art pieces for institutional collections should not only depart from the points of view of the people currently working there, but also take into consideration the founding thematic niche upon which the museum or gallery gets its identity. There are usually also different lines of research that every institution is obliged to follow...

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We support our clients in a very important aspect of collecting -although sometimes neglected- that has a direct impact on the investment value of every collection: the creation of archives.


Our service consists in organizing all the documents related to the artistic works belonging to a collection, such as: certificates of authenticity and provenance; updated curriculum vitaes and artistic statements of their creators; a selection of relevant articles, reviews and interviews published in specialized media; professional photographic documentation of the pieces; conservation and condition reports; legal status of the pieces; among many other things. Sometimes our work begins tracking some of this documents that are currently missing, but essential for the proper management of a collection.

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Our expertise in curatorial practices allows us to intertwine different lines of research and analysis within an already existing collection. This leads to thematic exhibitions -interesting to growing demanding audiences- that can eventually be shown and itinerate at different institutions.


We offer a wide range of services, starting from the development of curated shows, exhibition design, mediation strategies for the public, texts and catalogues; to logistical aspects such as management of staff, contractors and third parties; insurance policies, handling and shipping.

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We have the experience to carry out extensive research –both academic and market oriented- applied to different pieces and their historical periods and contexts. We recommend this phase always takes place before any purchase, to guarantee it makes sense in a preexisting collection. Zambrano Ortega Contemporary helps in the conformation of more specialized and strong acquis.



Our services related to philanthropy are divided into three different lines of action:


1.We develop projects to help raise funds for charities, foundations and social causes.

2. We advise collectors to select different foundations, patronages and museums (within a diverse spectre of vocations) whose profiles imply a high reputation. Linking ones collection with social oriented initiatives provides visibility and recognition, besides other benefits.


3. We advise collectors who wish to donate or loan works to different public institutions about the implications that come with this type of decisions.

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