Zambrano Ortega Contemporary art advisors is an initiative specialized in contemporary art that, through the extensive experience of its founders, provides private, institutional and corporate collections with integral consulting. That has as main objective the recognition of potential to each acquisition.

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We provide consultancies that transcend the acquisition of isolated pieces, since these decisions involve other types of interests (thematically and investment-wise). A Zambrano Ortega Contemporary assessment project commences with knowing the story behind each one of our clients. We help them acquire pieces that not only have potential to acquire monetary and artistic value by themselves, but actually enrich the collection as a whole...



We thoroughly understand the reasons for corporate collecting. The works of art displayed at offices, as well as the various areas of corporate buildings, not only portray an image of status, knowledge or up-to-dateness, but also fulfill the mission of investing in safer and liquid assets. However, so we can comply with the investment function of a collection, we must observe the market’s response...

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The acquisition of new art pieces for institutional collections should not only depart from the points of view of the people currently working there, but also take into consideration the founding thematic niche upon which the museum or gallery gets its identity. There are usually also different lines of research that every institution is obliged to follow...

We take care of reviewing the relevance and historical potential, as well as the investment value, within the broad spectrum of art production nowadays. Furthermore, we represent a select group of international artists with an outstanding career, whom we share our vision with.

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